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MVP Youth Group


Welcome to the Sand Lake MVP youth group!! 


At SLBC, we recognize that our youth are our "Most Valuable Players."  They are the next generation that will lead our families, churches and nation.  The MVP youth group is focused on preparing our youth for the incredible task that lays ahead of them!  


We pray for the Lord's blessings on our children as David did in Psalms 144:12:  "That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughers may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace:"

The MVP youth group teaches our youth how to studydiscernanalyzeengage and lead


Just as the plant requires time and care to mature and produce, and a gemstone's inner beauty can only be fully revealed with dedicated craftsmanship, our youth must be cared for, taught, and encouraged so that they can reach their full potential.  

What we do:: 

  <> Weekly hangouts:  We meet on Sundays after the morning service where we review sermon notes and ask questions.  We also share some snacks and spend time getting to know each other- discussing the events from the week- both successes and struggles, so we can grow together and encourage each other.


  <> Youth events:  We hold different events including baseball games, campfires and local trips.  Friends and siblings are encouraged to join us!


Our youth group is open to all youth, ages 7-15!

Please reach out to for more information!




Below are some pictures from recent events:



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