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We are a Christ centered church for the entire family.  Our church is one of the oldest churches in the Sand Lake area. We are grateful for our location and our rich heritage of providing a safe and comfortable building for worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for more than two centuries.



We are a Bible believing church, deeply rooted in the Holy Scriptures, the Word of God, the Bible.



We are a Christ centered community of believers that love God and are committed to the preaching, teaching and proclamation of the message of the Gospel. Our goal is to lead everyone to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ the Head of the Church, then through discpleship teach the babe in Christ how to understand their Bible and grow into a man or woman of God fit for His use.  Our sincere hope and desire is to see everyone, members and friends alike to reach their full potential in Christ.



We believe church has to be a haven of rest, while also teaching right from wrong, good from evil as we are a called out assembly from the world. A place of comfort and instruction received from God's Word. A place where God's Word is preached, taught, loved and practiced.  I hope you will feel very welcome in our midst and decide to visit us again. Our goal is to provide a meaningful worship experience at each of our services where the Spirit of God works freely and has the freedom to minister to everyone present.



If you do not have a home church, I would like to invite you to make our church your home!

We are always happy to meet new people, all are welcome


May God's richest blessings be yours.



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