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            Bible Believers Old Time Revival

Pastor Pete Hengel will be preaching a mini revival for us on 07/08/2022---07/10/2022

Brother Pete is the Pastor of Bible Believers Baptist Church in Billings, MT. Make plans to join us that Friday through Sunday as Pastor Pete brings what saith the scriptures and preaches the word of God to us! We will have a dinner that Sunday following Sunday morning worship.

What: Sand Lake Baptist Church: "Bible Believers Old Time Revival"

When: 07/08 - 07/10/2022 (7pm Friday/Saturday, 11am Sunday Morning & 6pm Sunday Evening)

Who: Pastor Pete Hengel from Bible Belivers Baptist Church 



                   Monthly Events

Men's fellowship - 02/07/2022 @ 8am

Ladies Fellowship - 02/19/2022 @ 6pm

Luke 12:23 Team meeting (Outreach team training) 2nd Saturday of each month



                  Past Events


Sweetheart's Banquet - Feb. 2022

Misson Conference-Brother Brian Kelly (Pastor of King James Bible Baptist Church NYC) *Preaching on why we should street preach*-March 2022



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